Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Premiere Napa Valley Wines

Premier Napa Wines are up for auction Feb. 22-25, 2012, and Destination Cellars will be on hand to grab the most coveted bottles.

Premiere Napa Valley is one of the rarest wine brands in the world and produced in California's Napa Valley. It's the one time of year the region's top winemakers offer some of their boutique blends, which are often only sold in small cases but in the case of Premier Napa Valley, are sold as individual bottlings.

These wines are produced only once by 200 different wineries and are offered as futures at auction only to the wine trade. Each wine from each producer is one-of-a-kind, and will not be found anywhere else in the market, except by the wine buyer who secures the unique wine. What does this mean to you? We'll have some of the most sought after wines in the industry when we're done with this auction!

This year's Premiere Napa Valley Wine Auction takes place February 22nd - 25th, 2012, and Destination Cellars will be in attendance looking to secure some of these exclusive lots for our clients. Take a look at what is up for auction at Premiere Napa Wines and let us know if there is something special you would like us to acquire on your behalf.

Want to join the fun? You can see what's happening in the auction on Twitter by following Destination Cellars (@DestCellars) and Premiere Napa Valley Wines (@NapaVintners).

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