Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wine Travel: Exploring Bordeaux

We're not just in the wine business, we're all about the wine experience. Whether you want to bike ride through Napa Valley or go truffle hunting in Italy, we'll make it happen. One of our favorite destinations is Bordeaux, and for good reason. The region is packed with priceless chateaux's, intriguing vineyards and a history that will leave you searching for more. Seems we're not the only ones who love Bordeaux

We recently organized a personal trip for Davis and his wife to explore the finer things in the French countryside. Here's what they had to say:

The Bordeaux, France trip was four days and four nights, and we spared no expense making sure Davis and his travel companions were well looked after.

"I have always wanted to visit Bordeaux because of the quality of wines, history and legendary Chateau’s.  This was our first trip."

Having never been before, Davis turned to Destination Cellars to help him create the wine experience of a lifetime.

"While Destination Cellars provided a menu of options, we wanted a balance of Chateau visits, education, site seeing and relaxation.  We got it all and then some. Even if you wanted to invest your own time with your wine contacts and suppliers, it would be close to impossible to duplicate the high quality complete package that Destination Cellars delivers to you."

We love connecting our customers with our winery partners. What we love more is surprising our customers with that one moment that takes their breath away.

"Our lunch and dinners in the Chateau’s were spectacular and something we will remember for ever!  From Chateau Corbin, Siran to Pichon Baron, it was amazing to dine with the current generation, learn about the hundreds of years of history, family dynamics and their current operations.  Everything was planned to a "t"...transportation, tastings, meals, just showed up and enjoyed."
Interested in a wine trip? Let us help! Tell us where you want to go and your must-dos and we'll put together a wine trip you'll never forget.

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